Are you a morning person?

When the alarm clock rings, are you the type of person that’s hitting the snooze button, or jumping right out of bed? Have you already been awake; watching the clock, checking your blackberry, running through the to-do list in your mind?
If you’re the latter, according to a recent article in INC magazine you’re likely to be more proactive and successful in your professional life. The article states that according to Biology Professor Christoph Randler… ” ‘When it comes to business success, morning people hold the important cards,’ Randler told the Harvard Business Review of his research, some of which originally appeared in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology. ‘[T]hey tend to get better grades in school, which gets them into better colleges, which then leads to better job opportunities. Morning people also anticipate problems and try to minimize them. They’re proactive.’ (Not that evening people are life’s losers:
They’re smarter and more creative, and have a better sense of humor, other studies have shown.)”
Personally, I love getting to the office early…. although I wish it meant getting to leave early!
For one thing, on a cold brisk morning as I drive over the river, I get to see the fog settled on the river and, if I’m lucky, there’s a single heron, standing in the water. The view is so calming, relaxing and inspiring. Secondly, the office is quiet with no radio, no phone calls, no distracting smell of coffee brewing, just me and the clicking of my keyboard. In that first hour before my co-workers come in, I can get a huge jump on my day! How did I ever pull off those late nights in college, cramming to finish projects? When I look back, my best work was/is NOT done on tight deadlines. I like to have time for my ideas to brew and percolate, for that AHA! moment to come when I least expect it.
So, how about you? Where do you fall… early bird or night owl? Share your thoughts with us, send me an email, or post a message on our wall at

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  1. Vanessa March 14, 2012 Reply

    I am for sure a night hawk … love the hours after everyone else has gone to bed, the house is quiet and my thoughts and stresses of a busy day are long behind me. My creativity spikes between 11 pm and 3 am usually. I can see why some people loves their mornings though, it is also quite a peaceful time to enjoy … I always really love my beautiful morning drive into work!

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