At Big Footprints, we consistently strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.


We use our creative talents to produce engaging products and services that help our customers communicate their brand and message effectively. While we will never claim to be the “‘cheapest” option, we believe that we offer superior value.

Our talented team includes graduate Graphic Designers who provide the creative work, and production staff whose attention-to-detail is seen in the finished work we deliver. We are proud to be a grass-roots organization, who works one-on-one with our customers.

Client_InteractionWhen we can’t do it ourselves, we connect you with someone who can, taking the burden from your shoulders. We have built strong relationships with commercial and trade printers and suppliers, empowering us to become a “one-stop shop” to our clients.

We don’t claim to be perfect (we are human, after all), but when we do make a mistake, we fix it—promptly and without excuses.

We are also a team of individuals who pride ourselves on “giving back”. We participate in many fundraising and community initiatives throughout the year and also partner with many of the not-for-profit organizations we work with, either financially or through volunteering.

We take pride in our work, in our studio, and beyond.