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While we are fortunate to work with corporate and luxury brands, ministries and not-for-profit organizations, are some of our core clients at Big Footprints. As a business, we’re driven to help organizations through the use of our talents and resources, so they can grow to new heights.

Every day churches and charitable organizations face unique obstacles. From fundraising to recruiting volunteers to attracting top-level staff, there’s so much to do. If the world out there doesn’t recognize who you are and what you stand for it is going to be very hard to grow and succeed. To make things a bit easier we offer you 5 easy steps to helping your organization rise to the top.

1. Let your light shine

A memorable, well-designed visual identity will strengthen awareness of your organization. Building visibility and awareness is a gradual process. Be patient, persistent, and consistent so you can occupy the hearts and minds of your staff and donors.

Visual identity created for Forest Cliff Camp.
Identity was carried through business card & envelope design, 
brochure, newsletter layout, poster design,
social media, exterior signage, and more

2. If these walls could talk

Does everyone share a common sense of the organization’s brand position? Create an atmosphere that speaks volumes about you. The things your staff and congregation are saying about you have a profound effect on your reputation. If they believe your message, they will spread the word to all those who will listen. 

Wall murals are a great way to add some personality to your
walls, especially in reception areas! Removable/repositionable
medias make the graphics easy to apply.

3. The power of the spoken/typed word

Word of mouth is still the most powerful tool in building your reputation. Get onboard with social media, and start spreading your message. Social Media is the ultimate form of advertising on the market right now. Connect with fans and potential partners on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogger and so much more! 

Get your message out there in a matter of seconds and interact 
with people all over the world! Check out our Social Media
Branding & Management packages on our Facebook page

4. Listen, then speak

Your supporters, big and small want to invest in a thriving Ministry… If they never hear from you, they’ll soon wonder if you still exist. Create a positive impact through active campaigns that speak directly to the needs, desires and aspirations of your audience. 
Direct Mail Campaign created for Woodland Christian High School.
Campaign was carried through on course calendars, posters,
newspaper & magazine advertising, folder designs and newsletter design.

5. Cast a bigger net

Seek opportunities to reach a wider audience. While your core target audience is important, reaching secondary audiences in unexpected places is equally valuable. Networking groups, sponsorship opportunities and fundraisers are means to build community awareness and support.

SOHO Fabric Display designed for Tirecraft.

Since 2000, Big Footprints Inc. has been partnering with charitable organizations, associations, and churches with these 5 steps. We’ve helped them build awareness, establish their voice, inspire their volunteers and grow new relationships in their community. 

Connect with us. We’d love to get to know you!


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